VoiceThread 4 of 5

Here is the 4th of the 5 part series.  It is focused on VoiceThread in our Learning Management System (LMS), Blackboard.  There is a lot of great information in this video about building links that are graded and ungraded, the grading interface with Blackboard, copying a VoiceThread to a new semester, and even shows an example from a student point of view.


This video is about 24 minutes long, so this is another video that you might want to watch in multiple sittings, or watch the whole thing and then come back to sections to refresh your knowledge as needed.

Here is a list showing the start times of each section.  Just go to the time listed below and that will take you directly to that section in the video.

Beginning – Intro to Video

0:31 – LTI Links

2:59 – Overview-6 Types of Links You Can Add

5:01 – Home Page: Non-Graded Link

7:03 – Course View: Non-Graded Link

8:08 – Individual VT: Non-Graded Link

9:03 – Review of Ungraded Links

10:09 – Watch a VoiceThread: Graded Link (Assignment Builder)

11:41 – Quiz/Submit a Comment: Graded Link (Assignment Builder)

13:11 – Student Presentation/Create a VoiceThread: Graded Link (Assignment Builder)

14:45 – Copying the VoiceThread to Another Semester

17:06 – The Student Perspective

20:49 – Grading Interface

23:14 – Training Menu