VoiceThread 3 of 5

Half way there!!

Here is the 3rd of the 5 part series on VoiceThread.  This episode is focused on moderating comments, different types of replies, and copying a VoiceThread.


This is another video that is about 23 minutes long, so you might want to watch in multiple sittings, or watch the whole thing and then come back to sections to refresh your knowledge as needed.

Here is a list showing the start times of each section.  Just go to the time listed below and that will take you directly to that section in the video.

Beginning – Intro to Video

1:05 – Review / Creating a VoiceThread

2:37 – Review / Commenting

3:50 – Comment Moderation

6:16 – See What Comment Moderation Looks Like

8:32 – Recording Private Replies

11:18 – Getting a Link to Share a VoiceThread

11:49 – Copying a VoiceThread

15:14 – Making Responses–Threaded Comments

19:05 – What if the Internet is Down

20:05 – The Browse Page

22:49 – Training Menu