VoiceThread 1 of 5

Today I thought I would give a shout-out to the new UAS tool VoiceThread (Do we still give “shout-outs” in 2018?).  Here is a 30 minute video with a lot of information about VoiceThread and how to use it.  It is actually the first of five videos that I’m planning on sharing over the next couple weeks.  If you have questions, be sure to contact your campus instructional designer!!


As an Instructional Designer, I already know that this video is way too long, so you might want to watch in multiple sittings, or watch the whole thing and then come back to sections to refresh your knowledge as needed.  To help out with this, I have a list below showing the start time of each section.  Just go to the time in the video and that will take you directly to that section.

Here are the segments in this video:

Beginning – Intro to the “workshop.”

1:40 – Tour of the VoiceThread Homepage

3:34 – Creating a VoiceThread (Overview)

5:07 – Creating a VoiceThread from a File

8:07 – Browser Info

8:36 – Pointers on Adding a Powerpoint

9:24 – Making Comments

13:23 – More on Making Comments

14:08 – The Sound of Your Voice

14:39 – Advantages of VoiceThread over Other Forms of Media

15:30 – Adding Comments and the Comment Channel

15:54 – Sharing Menu (Sharing a VoiceThread)

18:41 – Basic vs Secure Sharing

19:58 – Media Sources

24:27 – Commenting on Video