End of Semester & Graduation

Below is Steven Levitan’s commencement address at the University of Wisconsin in 2017.  In it, this Emmy-winning creator of the  show “Modern Family” imparts wisdom, stories of his college days at Wisconsin, and plenty of humor.

In this 20 minute video, Steven passes on five pieces of wisdom to the graduating class (You will have to watch to get the explanation of each point):

  1. Roll the dice in your 20’s
  2. Succeed or fail on your own terms
  3. It’s hard to fail ten times in a row
  4. Be calm in a crisis
  5. It’s hard to live up to your potential when you don’t like what you do

Well, you made it through another school year!  Have a great summer and thanks for subscribing the the FLC!  (Faculty Learning Corner).  I will see you in the Fall!!!