St. Patrick Video

This Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day, which we may think of as a day of parades and green beer.  But do you know the story of St. Patrick?  To tell the story, I’ve chosen a video (below).  This method of delivery is not only fun, but also helps to demonstrate multimedia learning with video!

Not only is animation an attractive way of teaching a lesson online, it is also engaging to the student.   There are four features of video hat help make it a good choice for on-line learning:

  1. Technological Infrastructure – Easy to edit and annotate, and allows students to pause, fast forward, and rewind at their convenience.
  2. Video Content – Content can highlight best practices, and has the ability to illustrate “complex teaching dilemmas” in which students can then do further analysis.
  3. Task Structure – Potential for learning revolves around teacher interaction and understanding of the videos used.  Can be used to enhance, recall, and deepen understanding of the topic, or as a basis for problem solving.
  4. Social Structure – Video can be used as a basis for online class participation, as the teacher creates social structure using video as a catalyst for discussion.

Video supports learning and helps students to acquire knowledge and support new skills.  It can also illustrate class activities and interactions, and does so in an engaging and positive way.

That being said, you now have the chance to find out more about St. Patrick.  Enjoy the video, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


    • Deb on March 22, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    I heart that you chose Veggie Tales and green beer celebratin’ to demonstrate the efficacy of video for educational engagement and learning.

    I am enjoying the Faculty Learning Corner.
    Thank you!

  1. Thanks Deb!!

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