Audio feedback for student assignments

Here is a pretty good 8 minute video on using audio feedback for student assignments.  It shows how you can use Audacity to record mp3 audio files and return them to students.  If you are using Blackboard you can return them as a file attached to their graded assignment – just use the paperclip icon in the feedback box.

This video shows not only how one instructor creates audio feedback but the reactions of a student.


Audacity is not the only tool you can use to create audio – but it is easy to use on both Mac and Windows platforms. Find audacity at


    • Lisa S-H on December 16, 2016 at 11:03 am

    Does this take the place of written feedback usually or is it in addition to written feedback?

    1. It could be in addition to written feedback – the feedback place for Assignments in Blackboard allows you to type in feedback and also has add a file as an attachment (it looks like a little paperclip).

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