“Flipping” your class?

“Flipping the classroom” is a buzzword for supposedly reversing the delivery of lecture/homework.  Instead of lecturing in a classroom or synchronous online class session and then assigning homework for students to do outside of class time, you make students responsible for reading or viewing content before class then plan more engaging and challenging activities during the class session.

Since UAS generally has small class sizes, many of faculty are already forgoing straight lecture and engaging their students in active learning during class. Planning for a variety of activities can be a challenge though.  Here are some resources to help  (thanks to Susie Feero for forwarding this article):

Five Time-Saving Strategies for the Flipped Classroom”  – Barbi Honeycutt, Faculty Focus

My favorite recommendation from this article: “Once you look at which lessons to flip, build margins into the actual lesson plans. Where can you find white space in a lesson? For example, if it takes you five minutes to solve a problem in a lesson, plan for your students to take 10 minutes. If you are trying out new technology in a lesson, plan for it not to work the first time. If you are introducing a new activity, allot enough time to explain the process three times.”

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