Blackboard: Date Management

I didn’t know about this tool til a faculty member drew my attention to it. calendar-309912_small

Blackboard Date Management – it lets you adjust the due dates and availability dates in your course – not just one-by-one but all at once.  You can even adjust them in bulk – either by date  (adjust the starting date in your course) or by shifting them backwards or forwards a number of days.

Let’s say you have copied your course from one semester to another.  After you copy, go to Date Management (you’ll find it in UAS Blackboard in the Control Panel under Course Tools then Date Management).  If your fall semester course started August 31 and a particular assignment was due 25 days later, you can simply change the start date for Spring semester to January 11 and it will adjust that date to 25 days later.  Of course holidays and days of the week will fall in different places, but you can then run a date Review and tweak things by adjusting dates.  Don’t forget you’ll also have to edit announcements or text in descriptions that also mention dates! This only applies to the dates used internally within Blackboard.

More information from the IDC Website