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Thanks for attending our presentation and for all the positive feedback. We all appreciate it. We received a really nice note that Sherrie Myers had wanted to be read at the conclusion of our presentation (perhaps after the Fish Tech award ceremony  😀 ) and it was such a nice note, that we wanted to share it. Thank you Sherrie for the note and for permission to post.

Would you please read the following message to the Title III team at today’s farewell gathering:

I often describe my first day in the iTeach class as being so overwhelming with new information that I thought my head would explode.  I thought I knew something about using my computer, about software, and I’d taken distance learning classes from a campus that shall remain unnamed.  I didn’t know ANYTHING – but by the end of the week, Mary, Kathy, Tina, Maureen, and Nicole had encouraged me – okay, more like guilted me into doing that which I said I would not do – make a video for my students.  The iTeach class, which I took twice because there was so much to learn, showed me how to develop my class using a variety of tools, using some of the most cutting-edge techniques, with a platform design that was far more interesting than it ever would have been without their instruction and guidance.  For me, the iTeach classes and ongoing Title III support through the Faculty Learning Corner and panic-mode calls helped me to understand and implement instructional design far beyond anything I knew before.  Their encouragement and inspiration will keep me striving to incorporate interesting teaching methods and designs – although I’m not sure who will be constantly searching for those new tools.  I thank you, and I am sure if my students understood the transformation in my perception of distance education , they would thank you as well.

Congratulations and a HUGE thank you to the Title III team – you deserve all of the recognition, thanks, kudos, atta-girls, and other forms of appreciation for your contributions to education!
Sherrie Tinsley Myers
Assistant Professor of Justice – Program Director
Law Enforcement AAS Program

And, for those of you unable to attend yesterday’s presentation, we have posted the presentation along with a working script for each poster that we shared. Again, thanks for joining us.

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    • Rosemary Walling on September 25, 2015 at 3:23 pm

    Words alone are not sufficient, and yet I offer mine. Thank you for all your help and support over these last several years. I’ve enjoyed times with you in person and online. My best wishes to each of you!

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