Rubrics (Misfire on first post this morning, sorry)

Do you use rubrics? Maryellen Weimer explores both the advantages and disadvantages of using rubrics in Exploring the Advantages of Rubrics, Faculty Focus, September 2015. She clearly states that research shows that rubrics:

  • Have value when used to determine what criteria make papers, projects and performances excellent
  • Improve a student’s own product after the student uses a rubric to peer review someone else’s paper/project

Click the image to read Dr. Weimer’s post at the Teaching Professor.

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Gareth Bramley shares The importance of rubrics in higher education advances, (The Higher Education Academy, July 2015). His post points out the benefits of using properly constructed rubrics as well as some of the pitfalls.

The Berkeley Center for Teaching and Learning provide their faculty with many resources on rubrics. You might find some of these to be informative and useful: Rubrics

Another interesting website invites instructors to share their rubrics at Rubric Samples for Higher Education. While there don’t seem to be too many examples there yet, the University of West Florida Center for University Teaching, Learning, and Assessment has collected many examples of Rubrics. Example of Rubrics

Finally, Blackboard makes using rubrics pretty simple for instructors. You can see many of Blackboard’s helpful resources at Help Results for rubrics.

Please share with us your experiences using rubrics.