UAS Blackboard Collaborate Fall 2015

CollaborateUAS faculty have the option to adopt the new Blackboard Collaborate version this fall (all classes will be using it this Spring). The new version requires a one time installation of a “Launcher” program by both faculty and students – most people will be able to install it even without administrative privileges – a few might need help from IT if their computers or locations have extra security precautions.  The use of the “Launcher” program will bypass the Java version and security setting difficulties as well as allow Mac OS users with newer OS to once again upload PowerPoints! Plus more!

To see how to make the switch visit and watch the video

  • Make the switch well in advance of your class day and let your students know they should visit the new Webmeeting link and click Join Room to install the Launcher program.
  • If you switch but your student has an instructor still using the old version – no problem
  • Can you use both the old and new in your class? – not really. You should stop using the old when you switch to the new. Hide the old WebMeeting link.  Leave the Webmeeting Archives link visible if there are already recordings there.

The FAQ on the IDC Webmeeting site will continue to be updated to document new features (some are still being tested).