Discussion Board Improves Exam Scores: Success Shared by KPC Faculty

I always think we learn best from our colleagues and I recently heard from Susan Mircovich, Assistant Professor of Chemistry for Kenai Peninsula College of something that she did which was very successful. I asked Susan to write it up for me so I could share it with all of the faculty reading the FLC. Susan writes:

Susan MircovichHere’s an idea for a discussion board forum that I recently tried and discovered was very successful. I put up this prompt after Exam #1:

How to study for your Chem 105 Exams–Extra Credit

Did not do as well as you would have liked on your last exam? Help out your classmates by sharing what you will do differently for Exam 2 and the Final Exam. IF you did great on the last exam, tell everyone how you did it!  10 points Extra Credit for a meaningful and helpful post. DUE Sunday July 5th midnight.

Did it work? Well, 20 out of 24 students posted to this forum. Exam 2 grades improved! The 10 extra credit points out of a total of 1000 points for the course were well worth it! I followed up by individually emailing and congratulating students who improved their exam grades on the next exam.

Thank you Susan for this great idea. You let the students reflect on what worked or didn’t work and you showed them you were paying attention when you followed up with a congratulatory email. Nice job!

If you have a tip for colleagues that has helped you in the past, please email us so that we can celebrate your success and share the strategy.

Be sure to read yesterday’s Faculty Challenge post and get your submissions sent in soon!!