FLC is Looking for A Few Good Men/Women

It’s almost time for the Title III team to turn over the reins of the Faculty Learning Corner to Maureen O’Halloran and perhaps a handful of faculty interested in participating in the creative blog authoring process. Our goal in creating this academic blog for UAS was to:

  • Encourage thoughtful dialogue across UA Southeast
  • Build a community of learners
  • Create a platform to share ideas
  • Respond to faculty questions and needs with timely tutorials and/or articles

As our readership has grown (over 195 followers) each post has also gotten more view time. At the start we thought a ‘good’ day was one where 10-15 people read the post. Now, we’re seeing 25-60 hits or persons reading the posts. That’s encouraged us to definitely want to see the FLC continue. We think YOU, our readers, are best suited to keeping the FLC alive. istock photo showing Editor

Are you interested in becoming an editor of the FLC? Our usual weekly posts include:

  1. One-two posts each week on topics we think relevant to faculty, highlighting research or articles that support the topic. If a topic is really in-depth, we usually cover it with multiple parts over multiple days.
  2. Tech Tuesday: a short Tuesday post highlights a technology that we think would improve the teaching and learning process or facilitate your student’s learning. Sometimes Tech Tuesday posts include short tutorials demonstrating the tool. Sometimes they link to cool apps or programs that could improve the teaching/learning process.
  3. Fried Friday: relevant, timely humor that connects with higher education or in some way can be connected to eLearning or academics.
  4. Posts after conferences where we share summaries, links, videos and/or other conference resources.

Are you interested in helping with one or more of these weekly posts? We think this would give you great experience with WordPress and could be a creative way to satisfy faculty Service requirements. We’re looking for no more than 4 faculty to respond our request for FLC Editor. Please let us know if you’d like to be a guest (or more permanent) contributor to the FLC in 2015-2016.  Contact Kathi if you are interested.

photo credit: istockphoto.com/scyther5