Monday Morning Mentor is Back!

Title III is once again providing interested faculty a chance to start their weeks off with dynamic, professional development – in only 20 minutes! The Monday Morning Mentor is a program from Magna Publications.

How does this practical and convenient program work? Each program is available online starting at 9 am CST – yes, that’s 6 am AK time. But don’t worry about setting an early alarm as the programs are available for on-demand viewing for one full week. New programs are available weekly beginning Monday, August 24 and continue every Monday through December 7.


“In a compact format designed for busy schedules, the programs will deliver focused, fact-filled examinations of issues important to faculty and staff. Those include:

  • How Do I Use VoiceThread for Online Student Discussions?
  • What If a Student Asks a Question I Can’t Answer?
  • What Should I Do When a Student Cheats?
  • How Can I Measure My Faculty Development Center’s Impact?
  • What is the Best Way to Grade Participation?
  • How Can I Use Technology to Improve Learning?
  • How Do I Create a Climate for Learning in My Classroom?
  • Can Service-Learning Work in My Discipline?
  • What Can I Learn From Student Ratings?
  • How Can I Reduce Apathy and Increase Motivation?
  • How Do I Get Started with Service-Learning?
  • How Can I Connect Students’ Interests to Course Content?
  • How Can I Better Manage Difficult Conversations with Faculty?
  • How Can I Build a Successful Faculty Development Program?
  • In Blended Courses, What Should Students Do Online?
  • How Do I Design Courses to Enhance Student Veterans’ Success?

-Magna Publications

Just another awesome opportunity provided to you by your Sitka Title III team!

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    • Rosemary Walling on August 24, 2015 at 11:41 am

    Several of these 20-minute videos have been worthwhile watching. Also, useful has been signing up for Magna’s Faculty Focus newsletter/blog. In between their product ad’s they have some interesting free articles to read.

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