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    • Rosemary Walling on August 12, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    One of the Respondus Webinars is about Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor. Together the two integrate with Blackboard and allow students to take proctored test without a human proctor.

    I really wish we could get these. I know there is a cost, and yet I think it would really help our online courses if there is any money around to buy a license.

    I still feel a need for proctored tests in my online courses — some assurance for me that online students can do some of their work without assistance. Students are resistant to proctored work. Some have legitimate concerns with scheduling, traveling, or paying for proctors. One student told me her proctor charged $60 per visit. I know that students can use ProtorU and yet there is a charge that students have to pay. Students already buy a textbook and publishers website access, so I hate to add additional cost on to students.

    I proctored some students myself this past semester using Collaborate. I had them show me their work area using their webcam. Then they have the webcam stay on their head and part of body. I have them share their entire desktop (not just application sharing). I reset the password long enough for them to get in and then set the password back to what it was. I tell them sometimes I might step away briefly, but I do not have video or audio on from my direction, so they do not know. I did not record the session but I could have – making sure the link to the recording does not stay accessible to others for long.

    I set up a schedule a week of evenings for this and even set up a doodle page for students to use to sign up. Also, I thought I could use this time for productive time for grading, and yet that only happened sometimes. Some students never got Collaborate working – lots if time spent there!

    If there is another sign up time for the webinar, you might check it out. I think the students and instructors would really like it.

    I really wish we could get these two Respondus tools together! Any chance????

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