Tech Tuesday: 2 Tutorials for Blackboard Users, Cool Stuff!

There’s been a lot of interest recently in using “Badges” to create incentives for student behaviors that will help them to achieve success. With Blackboard’s “Achievements” you can create your own badges and have Bb award them to your student’s automatically. Here’s a tutorial which covers:

  • Reasons to use Achievement Badges
  • Differences between Achievement Badges and Grades
  • Steps to plan your Achievement Badges
  • Rules to trigger a badge award

You can view the tutorial by clicking on the image below. This tutorial has audio so be sure your speakers or headset are turned on. You can read along by clicking on “Notes.” USING BLACKBOARD ACHIEVEMENTS

Click for Tutorial

A second handy tutorial that’s been created is to put an RSS feed into Blackboard. This allows you embed code into a Bb content area so that you can feature a blog and it will update in real-time. For example, in this tutorial you will be able to put the Tips for Student Success blog into your course so students will easily have access to this rich student resource. We posted this once before on a Tech Tuesday – but just in case you missed it, here it is again ADDING RSS FEED TO YOUR BLACKBOARD COURSE:

RSS Tutorial Click Here

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