Universal Design and Why YOU Should Care

Jane Bozarth just came out with a great article Nuts and Bolts: It’s Not Just About “Compliance”: Accessibility in eLearning which highlights why it is important that all faculty understand universal design and what it means to have your course materials accessible to ALL students. While UAS has an Office of Disability Services which can assist in finding solutions for students with certain disabilities, it is a faculty member’s responsibility to make certain that all course materials are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

For her complete article:

Bozarth Article In Ms. Bozarth’s resource section she references a great slide set offered by Jean Marrapodi at the 2015 eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions conference. Click the image below for an excellent presentation. Slide 26 gives you a link for a free book titled Universal Design for Learning.

Principles of Universal Design(Questions regarding students with disabilities and the resources UAS can offer should be directed to Chris Washko.)