Sitka Campus Offers Smartboard Training In August- Sign Up NOW

Don’t miss out on this opportunity: Smartboard Training: August 24th

Smartboard Chariot GroupSitka’s Room 230 is outfitted with a Smartboard to assist faculty in better teaching to the needs of both face to face and distant students. Smartboards have so many great features that they may, at first glance, be intimidating. However, once you attend this training, you can become a Smartboard Master!

Chariot Group will provide training to both faculty and staff at an all day training on August 24th, 2015. The training will include Smartboard features that will support and enhance your work with students and with each other.  We are also outfitting a smaller classroom with the same technology to meet faculty’s requests for a cozier setting.  The training in August will address include:

  1. General troubleshooting
  2. Using the whiteboard in Blackboard Collaborate, Skype, Google Hangouts
  3. How to use the tools we have (Smart Meeting Pro and SMART Bridgit)
  4. How to set up meetings and invites, save and record
  5. Hardware of the board
  6. How to care for the board
  7. Tips on writing and working on the board
  8. Real working examples of why the tools can be used in a meeting to become more collaborative and productive
  9. All menus and examples are covered as well as demonstrated and if time permits, hands on usage of features
  10. How to disperse notes taken on the board, file formats, printing, formatting
  11. Best practices when shutting down the display
  12. Added features incorporated with the software that enable Word, Excel and PowerPoint to be used

Photo credit: Our training providers