To Accommodate Learning Styles or NOT?

We all have different strengths and different weakness. Some of us prefer to read directions, others prefer to be told what to do. Some learn best from videos, others prefer to have detailed step-by-step written diagrams. We’ve all been told that good instructors pay attention to the different learning styles of their students and deliver content in multiple formats to accommodate and engage all types of learners.

If you are with me so far, then you might find Cathy Moore’s June 2015 blog post “How to respond to learning-style believers” to be really interesting. In this post she links to research that debunks learning styles. Not that we might not prefer one style of learning to another, but rather, that we can and will learn regardless of our learning preferences. It’s a good article so please take a minute to read it.

Cathy Moore on Learning Styles


Also you might enjoy the TED talk Learning Styles and the Importance of Critical Self-Reflection by Marshik linked to the image below.

TED TalkThanks Nicole for finding and sharing this interesting piece by Cathy Moore. As instructors it’s important to go beyond just our instincts and pay attention to the research. Please share with us your views or experience with learning styles.