Fried Friday: TED ED Lessons Worth Sharing

Sit back and let TED Ed help you to create engaging customized lessons for your students. TED-Ed is free and allows you to build any lesson around any YouTube video that you’ve found on the web. Each lesson includes a title, a Play button, a Dig Deeper sections for resoures, and a Discussion area for questions. You can add these sections or delete them if you do not feel they are needed. You can ask multiple choice and short-answer questions.

Take the TED-Ed tour today and see if this might enhance your teaching environment.





We know that sometimes it is overwhelming to think you need to do everything. This TED-Ed tool can help you create some interesting course materials and share with colleagues.

See what you think!

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    • Vickie Williams on June 19, 2015 at 11:34 am

    This post came at the right time!

    I am preparing a module on time value of money which is difficult for many students. I started searching for videos on time value of money.

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