Fried Friday – Communication/Presentation FAIL

Yikes! Haven’t we all made a few of these mistakes? Or if we can’t admit to that, we’ve all sat through presentations like this!

It is precisely because we want to avoid this type of situation that a group of Instructional Designers (Baldwin/Duclos/Coulston/Purvis/Olson/Walker/Canavan/Barbour/Henrikson) from each MAU decided to create a peer review rubric for presenters. Don’t groan. You could use this checklist:

  • before you give or create a presentation.
  • you could give it to your students as a checklist.
  • you could ask a peer  or your students to provide you with feedback.
  • self-review after you’ve presented.

See what you think of the rubric and please give us feedback if you see something that we should modify or see ways that we can simplify this list. Peer Observation Checklist Draft Peer Observation Checklist-Printable

Enjoy the presentation below and have a great and safe holiday weekend.