Fried Friday: MakeUseOf Best Websites is a  blog that is very popular for learning to “make use of” technology and discover cool tools and sites on the internet.  This post titled, The Best Websites On The Internet, lists the websites their experts consider to be the best (most useful) in fourteen categories including: Learning, Social, Searching, Books, Productivity, and more. They also update this list regularly which is extra helpful so bookmark it for future reference.

If you look under the “Social”  listing you will see Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., which brings me to the “Fried” part of this post.  BuzzFeed shared a post this week titled, If The Characters of “Friends” Had The Internet.  If you are a fan of “Friends”, you can imagine Monica on Pinterest and Ross on LinkedIn!

Monica pinterest

Check it out for a little entertainment and take a look at MakeUseOf and consider following them on social media or subscribing via RSS or email.