Peer Review Rubric 1.1 Course Navigation and Overview

Have you examined the UAS Peer Review Rubric, Standard I Design of the Course recently? Here’s a snippet from the rubric:

Overview: The overall design of the course including navigational, course information, and course content, is made transparent to the student from the beginning of the course and presented in a coherent learning context.
Principle: Construction and layout of units or modules combined with graphical and textual cues by the design of the course help structure student learning and make the course more unified and coherent. Students will move logically and easily between areas of the course.

By concentrating on the Start Here or Getting Started section of your online course you can get your students off to a successful course start. We had a good discussion last week with faculty using Google’s OnAir Hangout. Below is the recorded session. Thank you all for joining us and sharing ideas and strategies for kicking off your online course.

On Air YouTube


If you missed these resources from the April 6th post you might want to view and bookmark:

Start Here for English 101 Mike Smedshammer has used Jing to capture elements of his orientation module.

Start Here: Welcome to the course! Click the NEXT button to view all pages of this online module.

Start here Quick Reference Tyler Junior College created a template for faculty that can be modified.

If you need help designing or improving your course start-up, please contact one of us for help.