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lonely professorBest-selling authors know that the first sentence of a book sets the stage for the rest of the read. In fact, a bad first sentence may entirely discourage readers from continuing on. The start of your course is actually very similar.

How do you make sure you aren’t the only one in the classroom? That your students are there, attentive and responsive? How do you get things off to the best start possible?

Join us Wednesday, April 15th  at 1 PM for a roundtable discussion on creating a powerful and engaging “Getting Started” or “Start Here” module for your next online course. Those of you in Sitka will meet in room 230. The rest of us will join via Google Hang-out. PLEASE JOIN US. Share your ideas, suggestions and concerns and let’s compile a great Getting Started Kit for the future. We’ll use Peer Review Standard I to guide us as we discuss options.

We’re using Google On-Air Hangout for this round-table and we need the email name that is associated with your Google account (the email you log into for G-Mail, or Google docs/drive or YouTube). Please submit via this link and we’ll make sure you get an invite to our Roundtable discussion, April 15 at 1 PM.

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