Fried Friday: April Fools!

Were you bamboozled by any of the online April Fools pranks this year?  I always look forward to the clever pranks Google, Amazon, and other companies come up with each year.  Their clever stories and advertisements really caught my attention and had me questioning everything I read on Wednesday.

Did you do anything to trick your students this year?  Including something worthy of an April Fools joke could be a great way to get their attention while reminding them not to believe everything they find online!  Share your favorite pranks with us and any ideas you have for pulling one over on your students.

Below are a few of my favorites this year:collage

Playing Pac-Man in downtown Anchorage, AK with Google Maps: I am not any better at it than I was in the 80’s!

Grouber: Uber with cats as drivers

Math Teacher Pranks Students

Petbox: Redbox for Pets

Roku’s Rendezvous: Dating Service for Streamers

Underwater Playstation

Amazon Dash: This is actually real even though most thought it was a prank.They tricked me; I thought it was fake.

IHOP Bacon Dispenser

Selfie Shoes: No way I can do that with my leg!


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    • Maureen on April 3, 2015 at 12:52 pm

    Google Japan came up with a keyless (hands-off) keyboard

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