Roundtable Discussion: Getting Started

Roundtable discussion

Coming soon, mark your calendar, the Getting Started Roundtable Discussion: April 15th at 1 PM. Join us to discuss the elements of a “Getting Started” or “Start Here” module that can improve the performance of your students and meet the standards for best practices for online courses.

Why is this important? Students who get off to slow or late starts in online courses are at higher risk of failure. Here are a few examples of Getting Started or Start Here modules from faculty at other universities:

Start Here for English 101 Mike Smedshammer has used Jing to capture elements of his orientation module.

Start Here: Welcome to the course! Click the NEXT button to view all pages of this online module.

Start here Quick Reference Tyler Junior College created a template for faculty that can be modified.

We’re using Google On-Air Hang-out so please be sure to sign up above if you are joining us from a distance.


Image Credit: istockphoto: MachineHeadz