Tech Tuesday: Extreme Blackboard!

Almost every campus has a love-hate relationship with their learning management system. Blackboard is no exception. While Blackboard has some great features it also has some gaps.  Behind the Scenes Technology points out in Cool Tools You Can Integrate with Blackboard Learn 9.1 that you can overcome many of Blackboard’s deficits by embedding Web 2.0 coolness into your course. Check out some of the tools that are mentioned.

CBU/online (California Baptist University) has developed an excellent resource combining a list of cool tools and directions on how to embed.

Click for PDF


Blackboard Help also provides an excellent tutorial on How to Integrate Web 2.0 Tools in Your Course along with a comparison chart of free Web 2.0 tools and their ease of use.

If you are using and embedding a cool Web 2.0 tool– please comment below with a REPLY to this post. Thanks!