Fried Friday: Productive and Fun, Our Visit to Sitka

It was certainly wonderful to spend the week with our Sitka colleagues. Visiting with so many of you was a real treat for both Tina and myself. And, the entire team appreciates all the valuable feedback that you all gave us as we walked about the building meeting with you individually, and at our “campfire reception” Wednesday. Your comments, ideas and suggestions are  making a huge impact on our planning for the May and June iTeach/iCamp sessions for Juneau and Sitka. Sign up before the deadline so you don’t miss out. And, if you haven’t had a chance to put suggestions on our planning board or have other ideas– please come and share them with us soon.

And thanks too for the sunshine on Thursday! Wow. What a spectacular place.

Sitka February 25

photo credit: Tina

The Banff Mountain Film Festival on Wednesday was amazing. One of my favorite inspirational films was Cedar Wright and Alex Honnold, who biked and climbed towers all around the Southwest for Sufferfest 2: Desert Alpine. If your students think they are suffering in your classes, you might recommend that they watch these two young men as they climb and bike through beautiful and amazingly difficult terrains. And suffer. But through the suffering they show a compelling view of the rewards that hard work and hard playing can offer. Click the image below to read more about these two inspiring athletes and watch a portion of their video adventure.

click for video


And, if that isn’t enough to make you want to dig deep and do more with your own lives, how about Ellen’s showcasing some pretty amazing high IQ kids on “Is Andy Smarter than a Kid  Genius?”

Click for video


Fun stuff!

So, thanks for a great week and have a great weekend everyone.