Fried Friday: National “Love Your Pet Day!” Really??

Seriously, who knew that today was National Love Your Pet Day. As if we don’t love our pets every single day of the year! In honor of this important day, we’ve unearthed a few pet videos for you (thank you Nicole and Tina). I had to try pretty hard to tie this post to education even very loosely.

Faculty often lament that their students want to be spoon fed information rather than thinking and forming their own connections to content and information. Actually, instructional designers often hear that some of the course design elements that we insist on are enabling students rather than assisting them to find information easily. Research tells us that there is a huge difference between creating a clutter-free course and spoon feeding students. And, as discussed in previous posts on learner feedback, we believe that instructors need to help students become self-reliant thinkers.

Clearly, the two videos below indicate a level of laziness far beyond anything we’ve observed! Lazy, but perhaps not intellectually lazy–these guys are pretty clever actually.


Click for Lazy Cat video
Click for Lazy Dog Video


Enjoy your Friday and your weekend!