Tech Tuesday: Google Hangouts On Air

Many of you use Google for sharing docs, for connecting to YouTube, and for their video Hangouts. There’s another very cool feature of the Hangout called Hangouts On Air. These are Hangouts that are live streaming broadcasts recorded and automatically saved to your YouTube channel. The cool thing about these broadcasts is that:

  • You can choose whether you alone are on the video or whether you’d like a panel of up to 9 others to join you
  • You can choose whether the recorded session is public or private (unlisted)
  • You can invite specific persons to view or leave the meeting open to the world, taking questions and answering the most important or popular questions that come in during your broadcast

To use a Hangout on Air you must have a Google+ account and you must authenticate that your account is connected to YouTube. That allows the hangout to stream to YouTube.

We’ve been testing these Hangouts On Air and have created a couple of tutorials if you are interested in trying Hangouts On Air. These tutorials can be found later linked to the FLC Quick Tiops and Tutorials.

Directions for the person creating the Hangout (the host)

Directions for the participant

Google LinkClick image for information from Google on Google Hangouts On Air.

We did a private Google Hangout On Air with faculty today on Providing Effective Learner Feedback. The link is unlisted, but if you are interested you can contact Kathi to view.