Roundtable Discussion on Learner Feedback: Tuesday!!

Roundtable discussionDon’t miss out on tomorrow’s roundtable discussion on learner feedback. We are going to test out our new distance learning room, 230 and combine that with creating a Google On Air Hang-out so that whether you are at a distance or in Sitka, we can all experience being in the room together.

In order to participate in the recorded on-air session we need to have your Google email address so we can invite you as a participant. Help us try out this format (new to us)!!

Send us the information using the form found here and SIGN UP and JOIN US Tuesday, 1 PM to talk more about learner feedback.

  • What constitutes good learner feedback?
  • Are there strategies that you’ve used that you’ve found particularly successful?
  • Can learner feedback help students be more independent and self-reliant as learners?

Please join us tomorrow at 1 PM!

Image Credit: istockphoto: MachineHeadz