Ways to Help Your Students Get a Good Start in 2015

Here are a couple of resources that might be very helpful to you as you begin the Spring 2015 semester.

Nicole developed a Getting Started Tutorialresource that is posted on the Tips for Student Success blog, which we think you might want to include in your Getting Started or Start Here area. This provides valuable information for students about how to pick a proctor, how to access email, where to find textbooks and more. You can include this in your course by linking to the following, or capturing the image below and linking it to the resource as I have here. Link to Copy

Next, we’ve received received some inquiries about the Plagiarism Tutorial from faculty who wish to verify that their students went through the tutorial and successfully completed the quiz. You can put the quiz directly into Blackboard by downloading the zip file attached here and then uploading it into Blackboard quiz Pools. The zip file will unpackage itself and you wlil then be able to create a quiz wherever you would like selecting the questions from the pool. Plagiarism Zip File. You can modify the questions once you’ve imported them. The questions are also available in Word format.

We came across another way to create a “Getting Started” or a “Start Here” and are sharing it here with you. Many faculty create a Getting Started folder or learning module inside of Blackboard. Lorinda Fattic shared with us another way. Lorinda wanted to create a starting announcement that contained all of the information that students require for success in her course without creating another click for them. This is another great example of getting your students started off on the right path from the first day of class. Thanks for sharing with us Lorinda.

Remember, if there’s a tutorial that you need created and you don’t see it here– please request it by clicking on the Not Finding What You Need page at our blog and submitting your request. We’ll do our best to quickly create or find you the help that you need.