Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Your FLC team will be taking Thursday and Friday off, so we wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all of you early! Please enjoy a little Thanksgiving humor below.

Click for Thanksgiving Fails

Monday the 10 Day Faculty Challenge GAME will launch. We really hope you’ll join us and play along. Have you registered yet? You get bonus points for registering BEFORE Monday, so please sign up NOW! The game will run from December 1 – December 12, Monday through Friday. REGISTER HERE

Here are a few reasons that we think you shouldn’t miss out:

1- Playing games may slow down and perhaps even reverse brain deterioration.

2- Games make you more creative.

3- People who play together, stay together!

4. We need players. Games are more fun when you are playing with and/or against someone.

5. Start your day with an adrenaline surge, a smile and a little competition. You’ll save money on caffeine! Have we convinced you yet?  REGISTER HERE

6. You know you waste at least 10 minutes every day doing something silly on the Internet. Waste it with us instead! You may learn something while you are at it, and have fun too! AND BONUS BONUS — you may be able to incorporate some of the strategies into your classroom!

7. Kids, celebrities and geeks play games. Try it, you might like it!!

8. There are NO right and wrong answers in our game. The ‘rightness’ of an answer depends on you and your response and what’s best for your classroom.

9. College is a time for EXPERIMENTING. Come experiment in our safe environment.

10. COME ON, we need you! If we build it, will they come? Please join us!