Register NOW for the GAME

It’s time to register for the 10 Day Faculty Challenge “Game” — yup it’s a game. Notice the countdown timer at the right? The game begins at 8 AM on Monday, December 1. You need to register to play.

We’re going all out, leaderboards, timer, join us!! Karl Kapp (see previous posts) talked a lot about what infusing gamification strategies might add to your course, so we’re hoping you’ll play with us starting December 1 for ten days. It won’t take a lot of your time, we promise, and we hope you’ll have fun. But you must register so we can add you to the game website.


Are you interested in getting a sneak peek at what the game looks like? Click behind the curtain and we’ll show you just a few highlights.

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Register NOW and earn extra points! Don’t delay. Even if you don’t normally play games, this is a game you can play and have fun, or your money back!  Oh yeah, it’s FREE!!



Photo credit: Nivens