10 Day Faculty Challenge

sign upThanks to all of you who were able to attend our Games vs Gamification webinar, and most of all, thank you Karl Kapp for giving us such a persuasive argument for implementing some gamification strategies in our classes. I thought Karl really showcased some win-wins for when these two worlds (gaming and education) deliberately collide. If you missed the session you can listen to the recording.

So now, as promised we’d like you to sign up for the 10 Day Faculty Challenge. The challenge starts on Monday, December 1 and will run for 10 days (Monday-Friday for two weeks).

Fill out this short form to register! Our challenge will take place inside of a WordPress blog so we will need your WordPress ID, and if you aren’t a WordPress user, we’ll need your email to invite you to create an account and join our blog. It sounds harder than it is! Just click on the Sign Up Free image to complete our simple form.

The challenge starts first thing on Monday. You will not have access to the game site until Monday morning 6 AM.

Photo credit: istockphoto.com/newartgraphics