Fried Friday: Can you bottle or brand your online persona? Voting Time!

Sometimes an old idea can be recycled into some new and novel. Take for example this new rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” by the Bottle Boys. They certainly have talent, but is it more than talent that has captured them over 4 million hits on YouTube? Have they created a unique persona and stage presence? Can we do something similar (perhaps slightly less grandiose) in our online courses?

Remember it’s Fried Friday – so this post is definitely lighter than some of our others, but the message is clear– we too have something to say, but how do we get our message across to our students and have them coming back for more? These guys have figured it out!

It’s Friday, so enjoy this light post and start voting for your favorite below! This week you can cast three (3) votes for 3 different submissions. Help us to select a winner! Voting close Monday, October 6 at noon.


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