Tour 4 Online Courses During Our New “Through the Lens” Series

Four of your colleagues have graciously opened up their courses for you to participate in an abbreviated peer review. Join us, February 14 at 9 AM, as we apply Standard I: Design of the Course of the UAS Peer Review Rubric and explore each of four courses.  You can participate from your office using Blackboard’s Collaborate.

Once a month, the “Through the Lens” series will open up a few online courses and we will apply one of the Peer Review Standards. This is a great opportunity for you to:

  • Peer Review Through the LensGet familiar with a Peer Review Standard
  • Apply the Peer Review rubric on an actual courses
  • See the Peer Review process in action
  • Explore a peer’s online course
  • Ask questions and participate in an informal peer review
  • Volunteer YOUR course for peer comments and suggestions

The “Through the Lens” series will be offered once each month. On February 14th we will use Collaborate  to meet so you can participate from your office. Please use the link shown, look for the “Tools Box” and click on “Participate Now” to attend. After joining the Collaborate session you will be given the information to log into each of the courses that we’ll be reviewing.

We hope to see you, Friday, February 14th at 9 AM. Mark your calendar now! This hour-long session will use the UAS Peer Review Rubric, so be sure to have a print-out ready before you attend. If you have any questions, please contact Kathi at  We’ll send out another reminder next week repeating the connection information.

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