Oct 29

eTech Fair: Distance Education Week | Nov. 11-15th 2013

Online TrainingUAA invites you to attend the eTech Fair: Distance Education Week. Drop-ins are welcome and no pre-registration is required. The agenda is attached below, note that only UAA faculty are eligible for the door prizes. This is an ONLINE training, attend from your desk or home computer, via Collaborate!

Offerings include, Interactive Rubrics, VoiceThread, Making Banners and Editing Graphics and so much more.

Take advantage of one or more of these sessions, and come back and comment and tell us what you thought of this!

Many thanks to UAA for letting us attend!

eTech Fair Agenda

Image: ©iStockphoto.com/IvelinRadkov


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  1. Charla Brown

    This looks like an exciting agenda. There are several sessions that I’m going to make sure to attend.

    1. Kathi

      So glad to hear it! We’d love to hear back what you thought of it. This might be a fun event for UAS to try to plan sometime too.

  2. Charla Brown

    This looks like an exciting agenda. I’m going to make sure to attend several sessions.

  3. JB Gibeault

    Thank you for the invitation. Yes, I will be sure to attend. There is always more to learn!

  4. Robin Gilcrist

    Me too! Thanks for the invitation. Looks like some exciting sessions.

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