Social Media for Teaching and Learning

Pearson Learning Solutions – Social Media for Teaching and LearningSocial media concept

Social media is gaining a lot of attention in online learning. Learn what the buzz is all about from the following session slides and podcasts available online:

  • Major Findings from the 2012 Social Media in Higher Education Report
  • Social Media for Establishing Learning Communities
  • Creating Pedagogy for Social Knowledge Networks
  • Social Media for Engaging Multiple Learning Styles
  • Education 3.0

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    • Kathi on August 8, 2013 at 9:29 am

    Social media isn’t all about “twitter” and “facebook” anymore. Jeff Borden showed research showing that students were more apt to complete their major requirements when placed into study groups. He also notes that studies show that at work we work in teams 78% of the time, but that our schools continue to push individual work and individualism. When combined with Sugata Mitra’s work on social learning, it is pretty compelling that we start to pay attention!


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