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Since the push to online learning started, a new phenomena has emerged that you have probably read about – Zoombombing.  If you are not sure what Zoombombing is, it’s when unwanted participants come into your Zoom meetings or classes with the intent to be disruptive.  Cases include these unwanted individuals sharing inappropriate videos by screen-sharing …

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One Stop Reference Guide

Wow, it’s been a crazy few weeks, with a lot of changes.  How do we keep up?  I am hoping to help you, with links to some of the sites that have the changing/updated information.  I have also added other links that might be interesting to you right now.  You can click on the link, …

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ZOOM Scheduler

I thought today I would give you a tip to help you schedule meetings when you are planning to meet remotely with Zoom.  If you have the Zoom Scheduler you will probably agree that it makes scheduling a Zoom session infinitely easier.  If you haven’t heard of this, I think that I’m about to make …

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