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Oct 16

We Have a Blog For Your Students Too!

Don’t let your students miss out on great posted tips and tutorials! Let them know about the Tips for Student Success blog. Check out the latest post to see how easy it is to sign up and forward the link to your students! (Of course you’re welcome to sign up too!) We’ll have two new …

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Oct 11

Peer Review of Online Courses

UAS Sitka Rubric

As most of you know, UAS Sitka’s active Peer Review Committee has recently finished the first official course review of an online course. We think the experience for the faculty member undergoing a course review as well as the three course reviewers was very positive and productive. It was a learning experience for all those …

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Oct 09

Two Fun Tools To Enhance Your Courses and Engage Your Students

Announcing TWO exciting tools for our faculty* to use. Pixton and PowToon. Each of these tools can liven up your content and help make your class more interesting to your students. Here’s a little info on each product: Title III purchased a license for Pixton, a cartoon tool for you to create innovative content. Use comic …

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Oct 04

Non-traditional Students?

What's In a Name Quote

Recently we’ve had some great discussions in our ED593:Design and Teach an Online Course including a talk about lessons we have learned from our “non-traditional” students. When I read those posts I thought I understood what faculty were talking about. But, after reading Clinton’s blog post (below), I am now wondering, what we really mean …

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Sep 24

Motivating Adult Learners

We’ve been talking about learning styles in general, but what about adult learners, as a group? Are there things that online instructors can do to motivate and keep adult learners engaged? Tom Kuhlman things so.  He believes that practice activities, meaningful feedback, and providing an environment where adults have freedom to learn are some of …

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Sep 03

Learning Styles Explored

Learning Styles

Gayle H. began the conversation on Friday when she spoke on Learning Styles at the first “Teaching Tips in 30” gathering. I thought the article Learn Faster, Learn Better: What Style Fits You Best might be a nice follow-up. Does this agree with what you shared in your session Gayle? How much credence do faculty …

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Aug 29

Why Your Students Might NOT Be Reading

It’s a busy time of year as we ramp up for Fall 2013. Most of us have textbooks or articles that we assign as critical components of our course. We thought you might be interested in a recent study “Why University Students Don’t Read: What Professors Can Do to Increase Compliance” by Mary Hoeft. If …

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Aug 06

eLearning 2013

Are you back in the swing of school? Are there terms you are hearing (“gamification”, “mlearning” etc.) or other words you’ve been coming across that you aren’t sure you know? Check out Ms. Marshall’s post: 10 Terms You Should Know in eLearning and get familiar with the language of eLearning today! We were lucky to …

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Jul 18

Are Your Courses Ready for Fall Semester?

ED593 Poster

Fall semester is almost here which makes this a good time for you to take a close look at your Fall courses. How does their design and organization compare with national standards (like Quality Matters and Blackboard Catalyst)? Would your courses fare well against the UAS Sitka peer review rubric? Recently Mary and Kathi were …

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Jul 10

In the News

We’ve been hearing more and more about Google Apps in Education and Google tools lately. Google Drive, Hangouts… and what’s in that Cloud anyway?? Here are a few articles worth checking out. Online Collaboration with Open Tools: The Case for Google Drive & Hangouts – Brian Janz, WCET Frontiers Blog Post The Staggering Number Of Schools That …

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